Weddings Over the last 10 years we’ve specialised a lot of our work in wedding photography. We approach each wedding with great responsibility, knowing how important each moment is for you and your family.

Video production With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of video production, Lemosimages has received multiple awards in this field. We Produce video contents for sports, comercial, editorials, television and films. Whatever it may be, we take great pride in every single piece we make.

Photography With thousands of photos published in magazines, web sites and online media, we do it all, from portraits, editorials, and commercials to real-estate and action sports photography.

Fine Art We now make prints of some of our favorite images that we’ve captured over the years. Making them available for you to decorate your home, office or enhance any ambience with our fine art.

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About Us: Lemosimages is an award winning production company that started back in 1994 with founder Bruno Lemos who had a vision of living off his passion. Bruno stared his career in surf photography, doing his work mostly in the water. Through the years his career grew and expanded to many areas of photography and filmmaking. His son, Keale Lemos also began to pursue a career in the field and together they run Lemosimages. Along with a crew of talented and driven professionals, they strive to take on any and all project with passion and dedication.

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